I’m Andy, and I drink whisky.

Firstly thank-you for even taking the time to visit the site. I’ve been drinking whisky since I was a teenager. Come to think of it I drank anything and everything as a teenager..

I started becoming actually interested in whisky twelve years ago and set up my first blog shortly afterwards. In 2012 I set up the Manchester Whisky Club who are still going strong and set up my YouTube Channel Malt Box in 2015.

Over the years I’ve tried some fantastic spirits and met some even better people.

To get this out of the way, I don’t claim to be an expert and never will. I’m not a connoisseur and I’m not a snob, at least I wouldn’t like to think so. I firmly believe whisky should be consumed however the consumer wishes.

There’s no such thing as a waste of good whisky but there is such thing as a wasted opportunity for enjoyment.

I decided to set up a written blog to give a bit more flexibility and variety of content alongside the YouTube channel. For example I’ll be including things like music pairings, food pairings, opinion pieces and a new scoring system. Before you read on just remember that all tastes, views, and scores are purely subjective to the individual.

One of the things that makes whisky so great.


Scoring Scale:

Holy Grail – Indiana Jones himself can only hope to find such a treasure.
Unbelievable – Among the best I’ve ever had. Must be tried at all costs.
Outstanding – One you should try to get hold of. Qualities in abundance.
Very Good – One to have on the shelf regularly. Provides consistent enjoyment.
– I’d happily drink this. One to buy at the right price.
– No particular flaws but no wow factor either.
– There to take the edge off. Good for highballs and won’t need much thought.
– Somewhat flawed. More of a chore than a pleasure.
Oh Dear
– Consistent flaws. Gets you where you’re going at the speed you want to get there.
Please Make it Stop
– Not one to seek out. Hope for a gift receipt.