A £100 Whisky Collection?

There’s a lot of time and money involved when it comes to putting together a whisky collection over a number of years. But what about those of us that are new to whisky or want to start drinking it and are on a budget? What’s the best way to get this started?

Perhaps you don’t want to invest too much money into something that you may not enjoy as much as you thought? Maybe you’re thinking about spending a considerable sum on two bottles to start your whisky journey?

Many of us that have been drinking whisky for years can often forget how we started and what bottles started our collection and oft times feel that we’ve moved on from those bottles?

With this in mind, I set myself a challenge. That challenge being to put together an affordable and accessible whisky collection that can easily be attained. The difference being we’re not talking £300, £250 or even £200. Here I look at putting together a whisky collection… for £100

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